Introducing The GRS Guide System:
The Universal Implant Solution For The 21st Century!


The GRS Guide System was developed by a dentist to make designing, fabricating and implementing dental implant and mini implant surgical guides simple, precise and affordable. Compatible with surgical drill systems and drill stops from most major implant manufacturers worldwide, surgical guides can now be produced quickly and affordably – with or without computer software – and fabricated by either traditional vacuum forming or contemporary 3D printing. The GRS Guide System is designed for use in all dental implant and mini implant surgical applications and is compatible with equipment from most major providers (e.g., Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, Astra Tech/Dentsply®, 3i®, BioHorizons®, Zimmer®, Zest®, Salvin®, OCO®, MDI®/3M®, Implant Direct®, Blue Sky Bio®, etc.).

Utilizing our patented GRS Guide Technology™, GRS surgical guides provide guidance for multiple diameter drill sequences without the use of cumbersome surgical drill guide handles or the cost or inconvenience of inserting/removing separate surgical guides for each successive drill diameter. Color-coded/numbered drill sleeves and corresponding drill stops in graduated diameters snap easily into a single, vacuum-formed or 3D printed surgical guide making precise, single-handed implant procedures a reality. For unmatched accuracy, crystal clear guide material can be used to increase visibility of drill position relative to teeth, tissue and bone while providing enhanced access for maximum irrigation. Further enhancing their flexibility and utility, GRS surgical guides can be used post-surgery to affix implant level analogs for the fabrication of custom abutments, temporaries and permanent restorations.

Managing multiple modalities of implant placement is the cornerstone of the GRS Guide System. Whether limited by decreased posterior intraoral access, reduced inter-implant distances, or the need to accommodate pre-positioned drill stops used by a number of implant manufacturers, the GRS Guide System is designed to satisfy all surgical requirements. Unmatched in its versatility, the GRS Guide System can be used for a nearly limitless range of surgical procedures ranging from single implant, partially edentulous cases to more complex multiple implant, fully edentulous cases requiring the use of stabilizing bone screws.

Consisting of both single-use and reusable components that are fully autoclavable, the GRS Guide System provides the means to efficiently and cost effectively create custom dental implant surgical guides utilizing components that conform to all sterilization methods. Once sterilized, GRS Guide System components can be stored or put to immediate use. All reusable GRS Guide System components are robustly designed to survive repeated sterilization/use/storage cycles and will provide years of reliable service.

The GRS Guide System provides simple, affordable, ultra-accurate, universal surgical drill guidance for the placement of dental implants using surgical guides that can be quickly and affordably fabricated in any dental lab or office. By increasing accuracy, reducing costs and removing the cumbersome, antiquated steps and protocols currently mandated by other surgical guides, the GRS Guide System makes safe, precise guided implant surgery available to everyone. With its revolutionary snap-in drill sleeves, fully adjustable drill stops and precision depth gauge, the GRS Guide System is the universal implant solution for the 21st century!

The Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, Astra Tech®, 3i®, Dentsply®, BioHorizons® , Zest®, Zimmer®, MDI®, 3M®, Salvin®, OCO®, Implant Direct®, and Blue Sky Bio® names and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and GRS Guide System, Inc., makes no claims thereto.

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